Why bother with private lessons?

Many of us are, thankfully, entitled to free education. School is incredibly helpful in building social, academic and practical skills that we all rely on in our daily lives. But school is a hectic place and, just because we were meant to learn different things, doesn’t always mean we managed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to revisit material that you would’ve liked to have more time to understand and private lessons are a great way to do that. Furthermore, for better or worse, school ends with exams and these results can have an impact not only our self-esteem, but also the opportunities that we can take advantage of, and so the rest of our lives. This experience can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Private lessons provide you with personalised guidance, extra time to ask questions, and can show you how to use your revision time efficiently. In turn, this will not only increase your grade, but also your confidence and your ability to be in charge of your own development.

Why work with me?

Having tried a number of different jobs with little sense of purpose I finally decided to return to my education. I was awarded a First Class Natural Sciences Master’s Degree, having majored in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. While I loved my specialisms, I couldn’t help but feel like access to the wonderful world of STEM was limited. I was very aware of the issues I faced – from being discouraged as a girl to follow my more scientific interests to not always being in a place from where I could afford to further my education. And I was worried that I couldn’t have been the only one and started thinking about what I could do to change things. I finished a Postgraduate Course – this time in Science Education (PGCE). I found that I loved pedagogy but had questions about the ability of schools to really cater to learners’ needs given how much we know about the complexity of the learning process.

I then worked in a comprehensive school in England. I must admit the classroom environment is hard to beat – there’s something special about sharing what you love with a group of 30 enthusiastic children. But I found that 30 children could only be taught so much when they are all taught together. Different levels of understanding, or interest, different educational needs and different personalities can only be catered to so much with limited time for teachers to plan. I felt like, if I want to provide outstanding education that inspires children to love learning for the rest of their life, I may want to try a few different settings, which is why I joined an independent school that worked with children with trauma. This experience taught me so much about the importance of engagement, healing the mind by encouraging curiosity, and the individual ways in which each pupil can (and cannot) learn. I have now moved to London where I work in a mainstream school. I love it because London is very diverse and there is always so much to learn. My goal is still to provide world-class STEM education and affordable resources, so that anyone can succeed in their field of choice, whether they are only trying to pass their exams or pursue a career.

Education is the best opportunity any human has to achieve their potential. We all know that every single person will not use every bit of knowledge from school in their everyday lives – which is why I aim to develop my students’ skills and their ability to use information in different contexts than it was initially presented in. It is important to me that my pupils can be confident in their ability to make good decisions and I believe that this is the single most important skill that a STEM education can offer, especially to those who aren’t necessarily interested in entering a technical field. I believe that many people have difficult relationships with their education, sometimes due to a difficult start, sometimes just a bad relationship with a class teacher, sometimes not getting on with their peers, at times things completely out of their control. My aim is to ensure that every pupil I teach stops seeing their education as a chore and finds enjoyment and validation in their work instead. Young people need a sense of pride and achievement and I believe that growing their intellect is the most healthy way to obtain it.


I teach Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry at different levels, from KS3 through to University. I provide in-person tuition in London, especially West Ealing and Northfields.

My prices are the same regardless of educational needs as I believe that all children should have equal access to education. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss a discount for two pupils taking sessions together. For 11-16 (or equivalent qualifications in access courses for higher ages) the price is £50 per hour. For 17-18 or equivalent the price is £60 per hour.

I also run guided study sessions with groups of 3 to 6 pupils. This can be a more affordable option (£15/hour). I strongly encourage you to find your own group as this will make learning more comfortable, however if you can’t, do get in touch and, depending on which groups are running at the time, I can try to find a good match.

Free consultations

Should you chose to work with me you will receive a 30 minutes consultation for free in which we can discuss what your aims and needs are and in what sort of time frame these could be achieved. In this session I will also explain my Safeguarding Policy, as well as answer any questions you may be left with.